Mikey-P pokes his brain with a paring knife

Mikey-P pokes his brain with a paring knife

Mikey P pretends to read from a cook book

Wavy grabs some alco-pops

Wavy watches the veg over a can of Guiness

Mikey demonstrates his flashing bow-tie

Rice is vaguely weighed out

Mike and Gov clear a bowl out

Phil and Gov

Wavy's scoops the peas out

Phil, Mikey and DH

Nosher and DH rustle up a vague vegetable curry

Time for random food

Star Wars chess

Guessing which piece is which adds to the fun

It's time for the big silver ball

Bill proceeds to stick a ball up his jumper

Ball and stick

Wavy finds a spherical, shiny friend

The lounge looks a bit destroyed

Wavy and Mikey P

Phil, Wavey and Ninja M

Wavy has to be installed back into his shoes

Mikey P goes in for a snog

Bill has a sleep

Clare and Mikey

Gov finds another use for Grissini bread-sticks

The morning after: sleeping-bag city

Clare models her jim-jams and a mug of tea

Gov and Phil look at beer in the Eye co-op

Gov and Phil on Church Street in Eye

Gov and Phil head past the chemists

In the kitchen

Phil looks after the fry-up

The boys do a runner down the fire-escape

Heading off in Gov's car