Max in some fishnet stockings

Max in some fishnet stockings

The Shed's bar

Carolyn's gang

Nosher in a dress

Carolyn with some of her gang

The Cider Shed crowds

Wavy and The Boy Phil mingle in the crowd

Rob's faux-fur coat is inspected

Rob with a temporary face tattoo

More crowds

Rob looks like a leopard-skin Dracula

The Boy Phil and Jen

Nosher, Gov and Phil

Phil checks his texts

Wavy and Carolyn

The Boy Phil's not impressed with the sparkly hat

Jen and Gov

Random Rocky Horror

Max takes a photo

Jo and Martin

Nosher hangs out with the girls

The dress again

The BBs get going

The Boy Phil does a group selfie

Wavy, er, waves

Jo gives it some

Max on bass

Jen has a laff

The dancing audience

More dancing in The Shed

Wavy's in the thick of it

Applause from an appreciative crowd

Jo gets an inflatable guitar out

Wavy and Phil around Nosher's gaff the next day

Jen checks her phone as Gov has a diet Coke