Sazzle's Games Night - 27th December 2003

Sazzle has a games night, whilst house-sitting for the absent Anne: Food, Cluedo, Monopoly and various drinking games ensue...

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An intense game of Cluedo is in progress...

Wavy drinks beer for inspiration

Meanwhile, another game is in progress in the lounge..

Whereas back in the dining room, the game's changed again

Slinky the cat (named after Anne's silver Merc SLK220) looks on

Guv plays dead...

A sororial wrestling bout takes place..

Jess models some very pink socks

Phil teases Mini the cat with string

Wavy wrestles Guv. A Fererro-Rocher can also be seen flying through the air

Back in the dining room, a drinking variant of Monopoly (Go To Jail: drink a shot of Martini Rosso) kicks off

Wavy assumes his traditional pose.. Slinky helps herself to some tortilla chips

The following morning, we go and see Lord of the Rings 3

We're early and so I take a few piccies in the empty cinema (not something one normally gets to do :-)

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An intense game of Cluedo is in progress...