Chrimbo in Norwich - 25th December 2003

One of the effects of a solitary life and a disparate family is that I'm quite often at a loose end around Christmas. Luckily, this year's Good Samaritans who gave this waif-and-stray a place to be other than stuck in front of the telly were Alan and Sylvia, the landlords of my local pub, who kindly invited me along with them to their daughter Lorraine and her partner Ian's pub in Norwich. Good food, lots of beer and the observation of a pressie-frenzy the likes of wichh Nosher has never seen before...

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Ian dishes out the bread rolls

Claire and Paul pull a cracker

A view down the table

Ian looks startled whilst Rainey fails to avoid the camera

Claire shows Ian one of the three pictures she's taken on her camera (this year :-)


Alan and Sylvie

Fun in the kitchen

A spot of washing-up

Rainey scoffs some cake

a 'who's the tallest' contest breaks out

Ian weilds the largest dog-chew known to man (or dog)

Rainey and Sylvie take deep breaths in preparation for pressie-opening

Let paper shredding commence...

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Ian dishes out the bread rolls