Colin and Pippa

Colin and Pippa

Marc waves

The Boy Phil and Bill

Apple reads a cracker joke

Jill breaks bread

Marc shows off his mastications again

Apple and Pippa

Carolyn shows a card to Suey

Marc and Sarah

Jenny and Apple

Spam gets a plant as a present

Alan tells a joke

Alan and Sylvia

Alan gets his leg up

Alan waves the Golden Stabilisers around

Colin at the bar

Apple roams around with Alan's 'Eric' glasses

Marc has a doze

Jenny talks to Denny and Bomber

Suey is all conspiratorial

Sylvia has a port and brandy

DH says something about 'two'

Gov makes an appearance

Spam and Apple and a smoky bar

Carolyn reads a track listing

Colin's at the bar

Carolyn has a laff

Apple leans over

DH looks surprised

DH and Sarah at the bar

Jill and Carolyn

Nosher's got a lighter on for some reason

The Boy Phil, Ninja M and DH's fingers

Some tool has ended up in a ditch near Thornham