Twenty Years at The Brome Swan, Brome, Suffolk - 15th November 2003

Alan and Sylvia celebrate 20 years at the helm of Nosher's local. The theme is The Eighties, especially 1983 (coincidentally the year I left school). Nosher's "DJ Shagz" alias is on the decks, and thoroughly enjoys spinning all those old-skool classics.

next album: The Brome Swan Cycle Club Chrimbo Dinner - 6th December 2003
previous album: A Mortlock Barbeque, Dairy Farm, Thrandeston - 14th September 2003

Apple models his 'you cannot be serious' headband, as DH looks on

Carolyn and Pippa, in something silvery and sparkly

Paul, Wavy and Guv

Carol, Benny and Gloria

Denny and Carolyn

Lorraine and Ian - dressed in a fine 'Adam and the Ants' style

Eileen, Lorraine and Ian

Nosher and his shirt - it doesn't look like much but it's been his since the actual 1980s, and it still fits (mostly)

Claire inspects the tunes

John and Andrea

Bill flakes out. Nice pits, Bill

Bill does the old 'balloons as boobs' gag

Nosher seems to have a few beers stacked up

Wavy and Jen

Apple (as John McEnroe), Suey and Carolyn

Suey on the mic

Bill tries out the DJ hotseat, as the lads mill around

DH leans on the bar

The Boy Phil and Ninja M 'rest' their eyes

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Apple models his 'you cannot be serious' headband, as DH looks on