Carolyn, Suey, Wavy and The Boy Phil

Carolyn, Suey, Wavy and The Boy Phil

Alan and Sylvia behind the bar

Apple as John MacEnroe

DH and Ninja M

Apple and a 'you cannot be serious' headband

Carolyn and Pippa, in something sparkly

Paul, Wavy and Gov

Carol, Benny and Gloria

Denny and Carolyn

Nosher with Cheese on a Stick

Lorraine and Ian - in 'Adam and the Ants' style

Eileen, Lorraine and Ray

Nosher's shirt actually dates from the 80s

Claire dances about

Claire inspects the tunes

The tiny Roy Keane has appeared on the woodburner

Crowds at the bar

John and Andrea

Bill flakes out. Nice pits, Bill

Bill does the old 'balloons as boobs' gag

Nosher seems to have a few beers stacked up

Wavy and Jen

Carolyn does karaoke

Apple, Suey and Carolyn

Alan's got his big frilly shirt on

Suey on the mic

Mikey-P tries out the DJ hotseat

DH leans on the bar

The Boy Phil and Ninja M 'rest' their eyes