Wavy sticks some kebabs on the barbeque

Wavy sticks some kebabs on the barbeque

Bill blows on some singed burgers

Gov gets a beer

Wellard the dog roams around

DH and The Boy Phil are on the beer

Denny and 'Bomber' Langdon get some salad in

Barbeque scene

The gang hang out on straw bales

Bill's in control

A Nosher selfie

The Boy Phil looks warily at Bill's sausage

Phil and Mikey P

More bale action

Alan tries to adjust the parasol

Bill waves a burger about

Bill pokes about in the flower beds

Bill prepares a water bomb

Bill is fully armed

The Boy Phil fills up a water bomb

Running around in the trees

DH does some washing up

Suey in the sink

There's a queue to fill up water bombs

Clare takes it easy

DH sqeamishly fills a water bomb

The Boy Phil's in the sink again

Pippa brings some actual washing-up over

Apple hangs out with Welly the dog

Gov brandishes a crutch

Crisps in the gathering gloom

Sunset bales