A Mortlock Barbeque, Dairy Farm, Thrandeston - 14th September 2003

The Mortlock Massive throw a barbeque round at Dairy Farm in Thrandeston. There's time for the usual burgers, and a spot of water bombing

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previous album: Weird Dudes on Shed - Sometime in August 2003

Bill blows on some burgers

Welly the dog mills arouns

DH and The Boy Phil haul some beers around

Wavy, Denny and John 'Bomber' Langdon out in the summer house

Late summer scene

Claire, Sarah, Suey, DH, Guv and the Boy Phil

Bill pokes around some more barbeque food

Bales of straw

Nosher and the purple hair

Phil and Bill, and a hotdog sausage

Phil and Mikey P

More straw-bale lounging

Bill pokes around in the flower beds

Bill's in the outhouse, loading up with water bombs

DH does a spot of washing up

Clare and Jen hang out

More washing up

Apple John and Welly hang out

Guv waves his crutch around

The sun sets on the barbeque

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Bill blows on some burgers