The Brome Swan Bike Ride Weekend, Kelling, Norfolk - 9th May 2003

It's the annual Brome Swan bike ride, this time to The Pheasant on the Norfolk coast near Kelling. There's the obligatory ride around the mildy-hilly North Norfolk countryside, and a large amount of mooning. Also, on the way back - near to Cley - the heavans open and Nosher's splinter group take shelter in, of all things, a didgeridoo shop, where Nosher gives it a bit of a blast.

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Sunset over Kelling Heath

Apple looks like he's wearing Pippa's knickers

The Pheasant Hotel

Kelling Heath

Looking towards the coast, into the sun, from the top of a hill opposite The Pheasant

DH and John Willy scope the menu

Colin and Jill have a look at the menu too

Spammy poses for a photo with Marc (who's asleep)

Nigel and Spammy

A teddy bear with a large stash of booze

Colin does Jazz Hands as John Willy gets his, er, willy out

Marc takes a nap

Marc continues his sleep in the beer garden

A group photo before the off

Apple John goes a bit 'off road'

'Bomber' Langdon heads the field

A stop off for a map consultation

Apple in a field, with a tree

Cycling in the Norfolk lanes

Hanging around waiting for the pub to open

DH, Alan and Apple

Outside one of the pubs - some strange 'potato people' construction

An unexpected Didgeridoo shop near Cley

Nosher gives it a blow on the didgeridoo

Bill and Marc on a wet road

In the days when smoking was allowed in pubs, DH has a puff

John Willy chats with the barman

Marc keels off his bike

Marc gets a bicycle in the groin as Bill flakes out

Bill, Marc and John Willy get their arses out

Apple and Pippa put their bikes away

Bill and Marc indulge in a bit of male bonding

The following morning, Richard Clarke sets off to cycle the 45-odd miles back to Eye

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Sunset over Kelling Heath