Alan serves some beer

Alan serves some beer

Peter Allan, Ian C and Wavy

Nigel looks wrecked already

Jenny, John Willy and ?

Sylvia works in the kitchen

Mr and Mrs C, and Peter Allan

Marc shows off his food again

Wavy is surprised

Barry and Davida, with Neil and Helen

Colin, Jill and DH

John Willy

Suey talks animatedly to Pippa

Spammy's cakes

Spammy is still working the bar on her birthday

Spammy in the kitchen

Spammy brings out the fizz

Spammy cuts her cake

It's time for some speeches

There's some kind of Guns'n'Roses moment going on

Some major hair and air-guitar action

Suey and Wavy are well into it

John Willy's had enough

Suey tries to cover up what's going on

DH, Apple and Marc