Wavy waves a sausage around

Wavy waves a sausage around

The sausage is a bit hot

Alan looks around in the garden

Sylvia hands some food around

Pauline chats to DH

Pippa scoffs a burger

John Willy does the Vs from behind the garage

DH's mum comes out to chat for a bit

Wavy, Apple and The Boy Phil

Pippa and Apple in the sun

Bill on the grass

Suey and John Willy

The barbeque crowd in DH's garden

Mikey P appears, with a loud shirt

DH burns some food on the barbeque

Bill pokes around some sausages

Conversation in the evening sun

Everyone's looking for a lost ball

The sun goes down

DH sets fire to a bonfire

A crowd gathers around the bonfire

Marc hurls a plank of wood onto the fire

Wavy and Suey prep some marshmallow sticks

Suey's got her stick in the fire