Carwash Nightclub by Limo, London - 27th April 2002

Michelle, Wendy and the 3G Lab girlies charter a limo to head on down to the 70s-themed nightclub "Car Wash" in That There London. Adrian "Dogs" nearly gets busted for weeing in the door of a shop on the way, and Nosher ends up wrecked as we get back to Michelle's house at 5am in the morning as Dogs has been slumped on Nosher all the way back, thus preventing any semblance of sleep in the limo. Nosher had, the previous weekend, been trawling all around Ipswich trying to find a suitable pair of Dingers to wear, to no avail...

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In Michelle's kitchen, Julian models his shades

Wendy, Dogs and Hannah

Julian gets it on with Michelle's dog

The girls in the back of the Limo

Unknown, Adrian 'Dogs' and Nosher

Mishy checks whether her boob is still in place

A bit of champagne-fueled singing breaks out

Wendy gives Michelle a lick o' the ear

Dogs and Nosher throw some shapes

It gets a bit mad in the back

the smoke-filled dance floor

Mishy and chums boogie on down

Julian gives it some

Wendy dances

Mishy zeds out on the way back from London

Back at the house, at 5 in the morning. It's freezing

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In Michelle's kitchen, Julian models his shades