Nigel already looks worse for wear

Nigel already looks worse for wear

Ping Pong Peter, Marc and Sue

Anne and her mate

Alan with a frilly shirt

Apple and Nigel

Spamy's got some Elton John-esque shades on

Marc gets his sideburns tweaked

Apple borrows Spam's sunflower shades

Pippa has a go too

It's Sooty's turn on the shades

A tongue-piercing is shown off

Jenny's got Suey's flower on her head

The Boy Phil and DH

Billy Boy as an 80s punk

Apple and DH

Mikey P models a real scar

Allie and a punkish pleated skirt

Wavy's at the food table

Hardcore: Jimmy, Bill and Wavy

Jimmy and The Boy Phil hang around the food

Bill, Jimmy and Ally

Nigel the mod

Sylvia bring a cake out

Sally has a shout about something

Nosher joins in with the gang

Sylvia in a funky dress suit

Alan dons his 'Eric Morecambe' bins

John Willy

The punked end of the Swan

Rachel and DH

Nosher and the purple 'John Lennon' shades


Jimmy looks wild

Wavy flakes out on the bench outside