Nosher in Geneva, Switzerland - 17th March 2002

At the end of the 3G Lab skiing trip to Chamonix, Nosher and Yann get the train in to Geneva. Yann heads off whilst Nosher visits his rellies in town (and nearly gets run over by a tram in the process)

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The big fountain on Lake Geneva

Down by Lake Geneva

A close-up of the fountain

Boats moored by the edge of the lake

Down in Geneva's old town

Flowers by a water feature

The old city, Geneva

More Old Geneva

An old cannon (not that there are many new ones)

A quiet square somewhere

Nosher sits on a wall

Modern Geneva, and the trams that nearly ate Nosher

Cousin Elisa and Aunt Judith

Uncle Bruno cuts up some cake

Near the UN building - and giant chair with a broken leg

A row of flags lines the road up to the United Nations

A conservatoire somewhere

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The big fountain on Lake Geneva