Kate, Genaya, Michelle and Wendy do presents

Kate, Genaya, Michelle and Wendy do presents

More present opening

Michelle, Wendy, Julian and Hannah

Simon and Michelle

Crispin and his wife

Steve Ridley

Bill and Mindy, with Galen and Yann

Dan, Liz and Nick

Dom's friend, and Dominic with a loud shirt

Professor Ed Candy, on the right

Steve Ives gives a speech

A suggestion to the speakers floats around

It's Tim Simpson's turn to speak

Wendy gets a bouquet

There's a Scalextric set up

Nosher and Dan play Scalextric

Dan throws some shapes

Dancing in the disco lights

Steve gives it a couple

Hands in the air

A blur of disco-lit people

Party fireworks

A firework finale

Hannah, ?, Simon C, Julian and Michelle

Christmas day round Geoff and Brenda's in Stuston

Geoff pours out some fizz

Geoff chops up some roast beast

Geoff and Brenda

Nosher, with Mad Sue

Mad Sue does some washing up