Soph-bags on a radiator

Soph-bags on a radiator

Sophie's found a warm spot

3G Lab eats pizza in Pizza Express

3G Lab in Pizza Express on Jesus Lane

Dominic chats to Ben in Pizza Express

Ian lines up against Mikey P's conker

Spammy's ready for conker action

Mikey P vesus Ian

Conker night in the Swan

Ian has another crack at Mikey P's conker

Marc at the bar

Suey holds a conker up

Alan and Sylvia behind the bar

Sylvia pours a drink as Alan lurks

Lorraine looks up as everyone piles outside

Back in The Swan

Jenny wins the conker championship

Claire sticks her arms up

Jess and her gang are in fancy dress

Sally takes on Paul

Sophie's in a box

It's cat in a box

The BBs are playing at the Banham Cider Shed

Jo and Rob Folkard in The BBs