Soph-bags sits on a radiator

Soph-bags sits on a radiator

The hall is starting to look vaguely finished

Bright orange paint on the bedroom walls

The brick chimney breast

The other bedroom wall

The bathroom is all full of stars

An oscilloscope: what every office should have

Piano, keyboard and bookshelves

A view of the finished staircase

Sophie's in a shoebox

A view of a guitar

Sophie and The Sock are nearly together

Tony's Teeth: spotted at an airport

There's a mandolin playing in the Hoxne Swan

DH, Apple and Pippa at the Hoxne Swan

Nosher's kitchen of randomness

Soph-bags on the stairs

A nice collection of olive oil

Rectory Road is a bit flooded

Sophie sleeps in a box, with a load of CDs

Electricity pylons stride across the land

A hand dryer that actually gets hot. Who knew

Max and Jo set the PA desk up

Danny sets his kit up in the BOCM pavillion

Jo plugs some more stuff in

Danny sets up his hi-hat

Maxs gets his bass guitar going

A double rainbow over Brome

A selfie by the piano

Purple hair in the garden

Selfie with the old Astra in the background