A 3G Lab Press Tour of Helsinki and Stockholm, Finland and Sweden - March 2001

Nosher tags along to provide technical support and do some interactive demos (creating mobile-phone interfaces on the fly), as the 3G Lab posse of Julian and Bob head down to London for a press briefing before flying to Helsinki for a day, and then on to Stockholm for another day. When we arrive in Helsinki, we meet up with a local contact who shows us around and then follows us over to Sweden.

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Mike Gannon, one of 3G Lab's sales dudes, helps us out in London

Bob makes a call from a hotel basement in London

Flip-board charts featuring some of 3G Lab's designs

Our local press contact

Bob's penthouse suite in Helsinki, where he spent a total of five hours

Bob does a presentation

Bob shows off a phone UI

Julian and Bob do a presentation

Bob sits back in a Helsinki hotel

Downtown Helsinki

Julian waits for stuff to happen

Bob's on the phone again as we walk through Helsinki

The centre of Helsinki

Bob chooses a present

At Helsinki airport, Julian tries to stuff a reindeer skin in to his suitcase

Bob abd Julian consider the menu in a Thai restaurant somewhere in suburban Stockholm

Julian pours a Thai beer

Julian and Bob set up in another hotel

Stockholm scene

Milling around in the Stadshuset

Naked statue

More sight-seeing

Stockholm boats

The main pedestrian street through Stockholm city centre

Stockholm by night

Down in Gamla Stan

Random night-time street scene

We swing by an ice-cream shop in Gamla Stan

Julian looks at wigs

We have a few beers in a viking bar

Nosher on the beer in a Viking bar, Gamla Stan

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Mike Gannon, one of 3G Lab's sales dudes, helps us out in London