Nosher's Last Day at CISU/SCC, Ipswich - 22nd June 2000

It's Nosher's last-ever day working in the corporate I.T. department of Suffolk County Council (by this time known as ISIS). By way of a final lunchtime send-of, a bunch of us head down to the "all you can eat" nosh-up that is Pizza Hut's lunchtime buffet. On the same evening, it's a BSCC bike ride to the Low House in Laxfield - one of the long ones, at about 30 miles there and back.

next album: Helen and Neil's Wedding, The Oaksmere, Brome, Suffolk - 4th August 2000
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The square outside the Corn Exchange on Tavern Street

Tavern Street, Ipswich

The other end of Tavern Street

Street life on Tavern Street

Dan Polley eats pizza

Natalja and Winx

Carl and Natalja

Giving it a funny look

Down in Pizza Hut

Russell tries to hide

Natalja and Fenton

Mark Fox, Fenton Garret and Phil Barbrook

Foxy has a swig

Nosher reads his leaving card

Nosher looks up from his desk

Raj looks at the card whilst lurking by Nosher's desk

Dan, Russell, Andrew and another loiter by the drinks machine

Russell with a cup of coffee

The Kings Head (Low House), Laxfield

Wavy, Jon, Apple and John Willy

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The square outside the Corn Exchange on Tavern Street