Outside the Corn Exchange on Tavern Street

Outside the Corn Exchange on Tavern Street

Tavern Street, Ipswich

The other end of Tavern Street

Street life on Tavern Street

Tavern Street in Ipswich

Dan Polley eats pizza

Natalja and Winx

Carl and Natalja

Giving it a funny look

Down in Pizza Hut

Russell tries to hide

Natalja and Fenton

Pizza for lunch

Mark Fox, Fenton Garret and Phil Barbrook

Foxy has a swig

Nosher reads his leaving card

Nosher looks up from his desk

Raj looks at the card

Andrew leans back

Dan, Russell and Andrew by the drinks machine

Russell with a cup of coffee

The Kings Head (Low House), Laxfield

Wavy, Jon, Apple and John Willy

Hanging around the Low House's beer garden

The Low House/King's Head in Laxfield

Nosher's front garden