A Last Few Days at CISU. Suffolk County Council, Ipswich - 11th June 2000

It's Nosher's last few days working for SCC's corporate IT department - ISIS (formerly CIS or CISU) - based in St. Edmunds House on Rope Walk in Ipswich. It's a chance to wander around taking some pictures of colleagues, the server room (featuring several of the servers which were running the SCC web site) and the all-important canteen, over the other side of Rope Walk, in the SCC Social Club.

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Dan 'Parrot' Polley and the head of networks

Bob and the gang

The support department

The SCC Internet end of the server room

Winston 'Winx' pokes around on a corporate mail server

Guy Girardeau sites down as a lollipop is waved at him

Raj Chopra at his desk

Dan queues up for some canteen grub

Phil the canteen manager behind some troughs of food

Andrew gets some food in

Russell and Dan eat their lunch

Jerome Obba does some typing

Alan Cox in his office cubicle

Andrew and Dan at the Social Club bar

Doris the cleaner

Andrew does something on an SCC website page

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Dan 'Parrot' Polley and the head of networks