CISU: An SCC Day-Trip to Bruges, Belgium - 26th May 2000

Only a week or two before leaving Suffolk County Council for ever, Nosher gets a final work trip to Bruges, as part of the Suffolk/West Flanders partnership - known in Flemmish as Het Akkoord - where Nosher was on the Suffolk Local Government Association "Web Working Party", known as SLGAWeb, or, somewhat uncharitably, "SlagWeb". Colleagues Andrew Brooke, from the same CISU/ISIS IT department, and Margaret Davies from Libraries & Heritage are over too. After the meetings, there's an hour or two to roam around Bruges and have a look around.

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The Hotel du Ville in the Grande Place

Andrew roams about

Lounging about, Bruges style

Bruges buildings

Some tourists take a break

Crowds mill around in the Grande Place

Cafés around the edge of the Grande Place

The Tom Pouce Tea Room

Close-up of the Hotel du Ville

Tourists on a boat trip

Flags of Bruges

Peaceful river scene

A Brudges back street

A bronze head of Frank van Acker

Andrew poses by Frank van Acker's head

Andrew and Margaret roam about in a town square

A nice little square somewhere

Margaret and Andrew on a bridge

More river life

Another Bruges river

A view on the river

Cobbled streets

Andrew and Margaret inspect the shops

Down by the Sandwicherie

A Bruges wedding occurs

More Bruges wedding action

Café culture

A tourist horse and cart

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The Hotel du Ville in the Grande Place