A Trip to the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia - 12th April 2000

Nosher's up in the Blue Mountains, out west of Sydney in New South Wales. Dave "Trotsky" comes along too, so it must have been the weekend or something. There's also plenty more randomness from Sydney itself, including a tour around the Sydney Opera House on Bennelong Point, a walk up the bridge (although not the one that goes all the way to the top, as there was a massive queue for that) and a trip into town by ferry from Parramatta.

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The High Street in Parramatta

Parramatta ferry terminal

Houses and boats on the river

Up the Parramatta River

The Sydney Tower as seen from the Parramatta River

The opera house

A view of Circular Quay

The opera house in black and white

The ironwork of the harbour bridge

A wide view from the bridge of Circular Quay and the edge of The Rocks

The original customs house

Some rope-walking dude waves knives around

Members of the audience are roped in

The tightrope walker does his thing

Juggling knives

An Aboriginal didgeridoo player

The Didge player looks over

Café life by the opera house

Steps outside the opera house

Bennelong Point

The architecture of the opera house

Funky purple carpet

More purple carpet and restaurant tables

The tour group mills around the opera house

More opera house

The harbour bridge (again)

The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

Two of the three sisters

A wide vista in the Blue Mountains

Eucalyptus trees

Trees everywhere

This rocky outcrop gives a sense of how high up we are

Dave looks around

Dave 'Trotsky' in the Blue Mountains

Dave looks back

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The High Street in Parramatta