A Trip to the Zoo, Sydney, Australia - 7th April 2000

Nosher's in Sydney, Australia, to crash with old Polytechnic mate Dave "Trotsky" for a couple of weeks, prior to changing jobs, and to see some of the sights of Sydney. To kick things off, Dave has arranged a coach trip up to the Hunter Valley and a bit of a wine tour, including a longer stop at what might have been McWilliam's, for lunch and some wine tasting. Then, Nosher gets the ferry over to Sydney zoo to see some animals and some amazing views, then there's a trip to Manly Beach and a roam around the Rocks and North Sydney.

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The tour guide stands in front of some large storage tanks

The film crew follows the tour out into the vineyards

The vines of McWilliam's

More McWilliam vines

Dave has a tea

Loads of wine in barrels, maturing

A close-up of wine barrels

It's time for lunch with wine

There's another tasting session at the bar

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The view from the train station at Circular Quay

Looking up the Paramatta river

A catermeran speeds out of the harbour

The crowds gather for a bird demo

A pink parrot

A blue Macaw

The Macaw, and Sydney harbour

A view of Sydney

An elephant

A meerkat looks up

A kangaroo sits around

Stripey zebra

Some cute penguins

A lizard

A close-up Cayman

Giraffa and the Opera House

Chimpanzees roam around

A stripey tiger gnaws on something

A Red Panda, or Firefox, in a tree

A tree-framed view of the city

A wide-angle view of Sydney Harbour

Somewhere in Manly

On the beach

Manly seafront

The beach at Manly

Manly beach

Sydney Cove restaurant

A market down on the Rocks

Inside the Rocks market

Circular Quay

The Opera House again

The ferry at Milson's Point

A view of the bridge from North Sydney

Under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Black and white bridge

A clear view of Circular Quay and Sydney

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The tour guide stands in front of some large storage tanks