A CISU Trip to Wimereux and the Swiss Rellies, France and Dorset - 6th July 1997

Nosher, Andrew and Hannah from ISIS/CISU (Suffolk County Council's corporate IT department) head off via Le Shuttle for a few hours in France - more specifically to Wimereux, a popular destination for several Brome Swan trips as well. Then, Nosher's down south at Burton near Christchurch, for a rare visit from the Geneva relatives - Judith and Bruno.

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Andrew and Nosher on the sea wall at Wimereux

Hannah goes for a paddle

A 'flattering' photo of Andrew, flaked out on the wall

Hannah does a spot of reading

Andrew and Hannah scoff some sort of bread-based snack

Neil pops a bottle of fizz

Neil pours the fizz

Some sort of bread and paté starter

Judith, Bruno, Mike and Mother

Judith, Bruno and Mike, who's doing a whole weird beard thing

The family massive

Nosher pokes the smoking barbeque

Nosher looks surprised as Grandmother looks on

Mike, Mother and Sis

Post-dinner conversation

The next day, Bruno, Grandmother and Judith are somewhere in the New Forest, as we stop for a picnic

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Andrew and Nosher on the sea wall at Wimereux