Bromestock 1 and a Mortlock Barbeque, Brome and Thrandeston, Suffolk - 24th June 1997

It's the birthday of Jon Segger, out of CISU/ISIS, but he doesn't have anywhere big enough to host a major thrash. So Nosher volunteers the use of his house and garden and "Bromesock" is born - it's just like the original Woodstock, except perhaps for the lack of Jimi Hendrix (or indeed live music) and for it not being the 1960s. Nosher was so busy sorting party stuff out all night that there are no photos of the actual party, except to say that it was considered a success and that the phrase "Muppet knickers" lingered long in the memory. Later, there's a barbeque around Dairy Farm in Thrandeston, courtesy of Wavy and "Ninja" M.

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More garden tents

Russell tests his tent out

Elen and Dougie look on as Russell sticks a furtive head of of the tent

Trev, Natalie, Russell and Dougie relax in the morning-after sunshine

It's Tent City in Nosher's garden

'Dave' does some juggling

DH, Peter Allen, Ian C and Spammy sit on bales and chat

Apple gets blindfolded by Anna

A surreal game of pool in a field

Apple's in the stocks

Wavy hauls out the watering can as everyone else looks on

Wavy sticks his fingers up

Ricey gets active with some water

Jimmy pours water on Wavy's head

Nosher buys a replacement Astra with a knackered engine to swap with the good engine from his old gold Astra (the red Astra went on to do 205,000 miles)

Nosher's beloved Mark 1 Astra

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More garden tents