A CISU Party Round Andrew's and One Big Sunday, Ipswich - 18th June 1997

It's a party around Andrew's pad, then there's a trip to Chantry Park for Radio 1's "One Big Sunday" event

next album: Bromestock 1 and a Mortlock Barbeque, Brome and Thrandeston, Suffolk - 24th June 1997
previous album: Rainey's 18th and Clairesie's 21st - 11th June 1997

Paul runs off with the football

Ball's in the air

Paul slides in for a kick

Elen and Trev swap tops

Trudy and Natalie do some form of dancing

Trev, Natalie and another have a sleep

Russell piles on the couch

The stage of Radio 1's free gig

Jason flakes out as Paul looks worried

Jason, Paul and Russell

Jason, Jon 'Geezer' Segger and Foxy

Jason does bunny ears on Jon's head

Andrew and Elen

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Paul runs off with the football