Rainey's 18th and Clairesie's 21st - 11th June 1997

Lorraine's 18th birthday, Claire's 21st and a variety of other miscellaneous birthdays are all rolled into one for a big thrash in a marquee behind the Swan. These B&W scans are from a set of previously-unseen negs that had been floating around in a drawer for several years, so in many cases they're a bit scratched and dusty. They're also in no particular order (as usual)

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Katherine Moore, Paulio, Jimmy, Chris Moore and Wavy

Rainey's chums gether around in a dancing huddle

The crowd applauds the speeches

Helen Morton presents a cake to Shane

Katherine hands Rainey her birthday cake

The Mikey-P Massive and Ricey wrestle - Rainey and Claire look on

Rainey throws her hands in the air

Katherine and Chris Moore

Ricey throws some shapes

More dancing action in the marquee

Yet another birthday cake appears

Claire blows out her candles

Shane gives it some wind to blow his candles out

Rainey, Claire and Sylvie dance in the disco smog

Sylvie, Claire (with Marigold glove), Ian P, Nana, Ray and Eileen at the bar

Ricey, Wavy and Paul give it some monster air-guitar

Pauline and Apple (looking perplexed)

Tony 'T Shirt' Guy gives Nana a kiss

An innocent-looking Wavy at the food table. How little we knew...

Paul, Waves, Mikey-P, Jimmy, Allie (just), Andy and Jackie

Mark 'Ricey' Rice gets a lift from Claire and Chris

David H, Graham Pentelow and Apple

Claire does more washing-up

Nosher gets asked to do the old 'condom-on-head-inflation' thing

Spammy and Apple have a waltz

Neil and Helen

Paul, Nosher and Sally Whistlecraft

Katherine sticks her tongue out at Nosher again

Chris looks a little unsure

Rainey and Shane

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Katherine Moore, Paulio, Jimmy, Chris Moore and Wavy