CISU Hang Around Keswick and The Briars, Cumbria - 16th September 1996

Suffolk County Council chums Stuart and Sarah get married at Naworth Castle near Keswick in Cumbria, so Nosher and the gang head up from Ipswich in the trusty Mark 1 Astra to join in. On the way, whilst stuck in a queue of traffic on the M6 around Birmingham, Tim and Trevor even decide to have a quick race around the car. Nosher is super-skint, so whilst everyone else has rented rooms in an outbound center outside Keswick (The Briars), Nosher dosses in his car for a few nights (although manages to lig a spot on the floor for the first night). However, the most important mission when we get there is to visit an off-licence in Keswick and stock up on Foster's Extra. This then sustains us through several evenings and several breakfasts. There are also a few impromptu drum workshops, walks up the nearby disused railway line and a hiring of bicycles to tour around the nearby hills of Cumbria. Nosher also had a mobile phone (a large analogue model on the Cellnet network), which at the time was still something of a novelty. There was no phone in the building, so people actually queued up to use it to call home, even though you had to stand in the garden to get a signal.

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Nosher flakes out on the grass in front of Bobbin Mill at The Briars

One of many games of volleyball

A Lake District scene

Dougie, Gail, Trev and Tim by a river

A waterfall

Autumn leaves

Gail, Tim and Trev pause for breath at the top of a very steep hill

The rest of the group, including Phil and Dougie, arrives at the top of the hill

Tim, Gail, Trev, Phil and Dougie at Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle

More volleyball

The centre of Keswick

More Keswick street life

Tim and Trev eat chips in Keswick

A Keswick back alley

Dry stone wall and a dramatic landscape

Gail reaches over for her cider

Hanging around on a playing field

Trev and his £100 Guess shades

Lisa's in bat for a game a rounders

Trev does that circus stick thing

Trev and Lisa

A big rock somewhere

Possibly Derwentwater

Tim pretends that he's getting one from a wooden bear

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Nosher flakes out on the grass in front of Bobbin Mill at The Briars