A Conkers Night and CISU in the Eagle, Brome and Ipswich, Suffolk - 14th September 1996

By way of some pre-wedding events, there are some beers and stick game up at the Eagle pub in Ipswich. Then, down The Swan, it's Conkers night where Spammy destroys all-comers to win the crown.

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previous album: Le Shuttle to France and Other Randomness, Suffolk and Calais - 3rd August 1996

Orhan cues up

Stuart takes a shot

Natalie plays a shot, somewhat restricted by her massive orange Puffa jacket

Paul's conker disappears

Alan misses Paul's conker

Spammy and Samantha lock horns

John Willy and Spammy, with her winning nut

Samantha on a sea groyne

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Orhan cues up