Riki and his new wife walk down the aisle

Riki and his new wife walk down the aisle

On the steps of the church

One of the bridesmaids has had enough

Boxes of confetti come out

Confettis is hurled about on the street

A wedding photo

Riki's sister - Cath 'The Fish' - comes over

Riki and his missus cut the cake

Riki, Chris' missus and Chris Beard

Nosher, Riki and Chris

Chris gets a shock

There's a bridesmaid in the mass of balloons

Sean and Carole walk the clifftop at Southwold

Carole and Sean take time out on a bench

The Sock sits on the stairs

Sophie mills around on a pile of rubble

The Sock rolls about

Sophie up a tree

More 'cat up a tree' action

Sophie in the ornamental cherry

Sophie strops her claws on a wooden post

Soph bags

The walnut tree in the evening light

A sunset over the side field