Trev pretends to make some tea

Trev pretends to make some tea

A lardy Nosher sits at a keyboard

Nosher again

Campbell, Nosher, Trevor Smith and Phil

Campbell draws the Internet as 'fluff'

Campbell draws fluff on the whiteboard

Trev sticks hot water into a glass

Phil Barbrook leans on a monitor

The back garden

Sunset over the side field

Snow in the field, with a low sun

Nosher's pad in the snow

A view of the newly-finished bedroom

A door made from wood out of Geoff Castell's piggery

The other corner of the bedroom

A bedroom photo

Sophie sleeps on an old box

DH looks back towards Dover

DH roams the damp deck of a channel ferry

Al and DH on the deck of the Stena ferry

Alan looks out to sea as DH peers over the side

Al and DH stomp down some steps