CISU Internet Boyz, House and Ferries, Suffolk - 16th February 1996

Trev, Campbell and Phil - the early architects of Suffolk County Council's pioneerin Internet service - along with Nosher are messing about in one of the CISU offices in St. Edmund House on Rope Walk, variously pretending to pour tea and draw internet diagrams. Then, the renovations of Nosher's main bedroom have been completed, so that warrants a photo or two. Finally, the Brome Swan posse is once more crossing the channel on a Calais day trip.

next album: Campbell Leaves CISU and a Trip to Lavenham, Suffolk - 4th May 1996
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Trev pretends to make some tea

A lardy Nosher sits at a keyboard

Phil Barbrook leans on a monitor

Campbell, Nosher, Trev Smith and Phil - the internet boyz

Campbell discusses his network diagramme

Campbell draws the Internet as a cloud marked 'fluff'

The back garden

Sunset over the side field

Nosher's pad in the snow

A view of the newly-finished bedroom

The other corner of the bedroom

Bedroom photo

Sophie sleeps in an old box

DH roams the damp deck of a channel ferry

Al and DH on the deck of the Stena ferry

Alan looks out to sea as DH peers over the side

Al and DH stomp down some steps

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Trev pretends to make some tea