Geoff's Birthday, Stuston, Suffolk - 18th December 1995

It's former-landlord-from-Stuston Geoff's birthday, and it's some sort of fancy dress occasion with karaoke

next album: Christmas in Macclesfield and New Year at the Swan, Cheshire and Brome - 31st December 1995
previous album: Grandmother, N+C Visit, Brome, Suffolk - 24th July 1995

Geoff shares a moment with the doctor

Some make up is fixed

Geoff does some gurning

A group photo

Food occurs

Elteb Griffin gets stuck in

Geoff models his kilt

Blowing out the birthday candles

Geoff flashes his fake boobs

Sue Ogilsby does some kind of plaiting

It looks like some sort of karaoke

Geoff does some singing

Another view of the kilt/skirt

Much amusement whilst singing

More karaoke singing

A bird's-eye view of dancing

Brenda as a pink Pierrot

Mike Ogilsby roams around

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Geoff shares a moment with the doctor