Grandmother, N+C Visit, Brome, Suffolk - 24th July 1995

Grandmother gets a lift with Neil and Caroline on a visit to Nosher's new (-ish) pad in Suffolk. Whilst there, Nosher drives them around on a grand tour of the East Anglian coast, from Cromer in the North all the way around to Orford in the East. There's also a visit to the pub next to Blickling Hall near Aylsham, where Nosher's grandad was stationed during WW2 in a Liberator squadron at nearby Oulton Airfield. The pub contains a book signed over subsequent years by re-visiting aircrew, and we managed to find Grandad's signature in it in a couple of places.

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The pub next to Blickling Hall

Caroline tests the waters at Cromer

Caroline and Neil at Cromer

Walking along the beach

Low cottages in Orford

More low cottages, Orford

Orford Quay

Caroline, Neil and Grandmother on Orford Quay

Sitting in the pub garden of the Kings Head, Orford


G, Caroline and Neil prepare for dinner

Outside the house for a spot of 'al fresco' dinner

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The pub next to Blickling Hall