Phil and Lolly by the town sign in Diss

Phil and Lolly by the town sign in Diss

Lolly in Norwich

Lolly and Georgina outside the Adam and Eve

The Adam and Eve

Georgina, Sean, Phil and Lolly at the top of Elm Hill

A group photo on Elm Hill

The cobbles of Elm Hill

Sean leans back at breakfast

Lolly looks up

Cassie and Georgina on the beach at Southwold

Nosher and Sean on the beach

Cassie and Sean

Building sandcastles

The bedroom next door is visible through the wall

At least the walls have some insulation in

A scatter-gun approach to building

A combination of half finished, half not started building

A corner of the bedroom

The chimney breast

Donwstairs, the stereo does its thing

Katie clears away some rubble

Katie helps tidy up after the new door is cut

The radiator and some wall is added

The Sock up a tree

The Sock up a tree again

Sophie roams around on a pile of old Mink cages