Wavy drives off with a load of scrapings

Wavy drives off with a load of scrapings

Wavy clears away the back-garden wilderness

Wavy drives the tractor around

Wavy pushes away a load of brambles

Wavy scrapes away more undergrowth

A big space for the drive

A yellow cab and New York steam

The Empire State on 5th Avenue

Downstairs in the Empire State

The lobby of the Empire State building

The MetLife and Chrysler buildings

Looking down on Macy's

A view of Manhattan and the Chrysler building

Looking downtown

A midtown view

The twin towers in the distance

Midtown Manhattan

A pigeon on the Empire State

The Flatiron building

The lobby of the public library

The New York public library's grand entrance

Looking down to the MetLife building

The ice rink at the Rockefeller Centre

Ice-skating at the Rockerfeller Plaza

The front of Grand Central station

Grand Central Station

The United Nations building

A twisted revolver outside the UN building

Wall Street

A view from the ground of the Twin Towers

The lobby of the World Trade Centre

Looking up to the Empire State from the South Tower

A view over Brooklyn Bridge

A view of the north tower

The north Battery and Jersey shoreline look empty

The south tower of the Trade Centre

The twin towers

Statue of Liberty and the twin towers

Ellis Island immigration building

The Statue of Liberty

The World Trade Centre complex

Buildings near Battery Park

Nosher and Phil in Central Park

Cyclists and roller-bladers in Central Park

A horse and carriage in Central Park

Phil and Sean in roller-blade pads

Phil makes some adjustments and Sean poses around

An ice rink at the top of Central Park

A statue outside St. John the Divine

Sean on the steps of St. John's in Harlem

Phil in roller blades by a statue

Phil and Sean flake out in the apartment

We have lunch with Phil's Russian friends

In the restaurant

The National Debt Clock

The USS Intrepid

The USS Growler with USS Edson in the background

The USS Edson tied up by the Intrepid

A Lockheed A-12 on the Intrepid museum

Washington Square and an old cab

An old-school yellow cab in Washington Square

A New York canyon

Phil and Sean on a bus