Bedroom Demolition and Off Roading, Suffolk - 10th October 1994

Rather than do one room at a time and finish it, Nosher gets bored and opens up a major second front of "renovation" by starting to demolish the two old bedrooms. This reveals that the bedrooms contain no fewer than three different ceilings - a 1958 one, a Georgian one with lath and plaster and the original C.18th one. If nothing else, it adds a couple of extra feet to the height of the room. Meanwhile, Geoff and Brenda are getting in to off roading in a big way, so much so that they now have their own vehicle which gets taken for a spin somewhere.

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A scene of devastation, with the 1958 ceiling still in place

Removing a ceiling or two

The remaining pine timber across marks the height of ceiling 3. The two extra ceilings above can be seen.

Looking through in to the bedroom next door

The wall is extended up to the original ceiling

A bedroom door, made out of old bits of wood from Geoff's old piggery

The Sock is asleep in her crisp-box home

Sophie looks around

The Sock finds somewhere else to sleep

The Sock and a plastic ball

Corky drives the Daihatsu out of the shed

Geoff trundles behind in Winnie the grey Fergie tractor

Corky belts up

Brenda tips over and has to be pushed back upright

Geoff takes on a large step and loses

Geoff tops up with coolant

Corky gets stuck in the mud

Geoff strides around

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A scene of devastation, with the 1958 ceiling still in place