Orford With Riki and Dave, Poppies and an Alfie Afternoon, Suffolk - 6th August 1994

Riki and Dave from Plymouth Poly come over to visit, so we all head off to Orford for a look around. Then, there's an afternoon next-door-but-one round Charlie and Lisa's, when a certain Alfie Elliot makes an appearance. Finally, it's poppy season, so Nosher gets a few photos, including one that ended up in a newspaper as it was used a few years later as part of the first digitising of the Suffolk Roll of Honour

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The wicker cragft shop next door to the Kings Head in Orford

Baskets outside the Orford Craft Shop

Orford car park

The view from the top of the castle

Looking out to Orford Ness

Dave and Riki at the top of Orford castle

Dave and Riki on the beach at Southwold

A field of poppies

Close-up of poppies

The poppy field, just off the A143

Poppies and a pylon

Alfie Elliot appears round Charlie and Lisa's

We have a beer in the garden

Charlie reaches over

Charlie's got a nice car from somewhere

Charlie takes Alfie for a spin

Alfie waves

A balloon from the Oaksmere floats over

Mad Sue

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The wicker cragft shop next door to the Kings Head in Orford