Bernie's Wedding Anniversary and New Kittens, Palgrave and Brome - 19th July 1994

It's Bernie's wedding anniversary at the Palgrave Community Centre. Then, from a few months before, it's the arrival of new kittens, who get off to a good start by trying to eat the Hoover and scale the ironing board.

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The Sock tries to climb up Nosher's leg

The Sock on a stool

Sophie on a Hoover

Sophie tries to eat the Hoover

Sophie and The Sock scale Mount Ironingboard

Two kittens on a chair

Sophie plays with an empty film box

Time for Mog Nosh

'Mad' Sue gets carried away

John Willy waves his arms about

Geoff, Brenda and Sue do some sort of Ceilidh dancing

Jean and Bernie cut a cake

Bernie does a toast

Bernie and Jean

Sophie in the garden

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The Sock tries to climb up Nosher's leg