"Mad" Sue's 50th and the Building of the Stuston Bypass, Stuston, Suffolk - 7th July 1994

Sue holds a small "Hoolie" in her back garden to celebrate/commiserate her 50th birthday. Sometime during the proceedings, we explore the construction of the nearby Stuston Bypass, which is in the process of being cut through the back of the golf course and through Jimmy Laurie's farm land.

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Brenda hides behind a magazine

Geoff and Sue

Lounging around Chez Sue

Looking along the route of the bypass towards Wortham

Corky blows down some cabling conduit

Walking the Stuston bypass

A dirt road and an earth-mover, near the back of the Stuston golf course

Time for a doze

Sue shows a flash of her knickers

Sue squeezes a zit

A spot of Petanque breaks out

Boule hurling

More petanque milling around

Sue gets her belly out

Later, Tone's 'pipe cleaners' come to stay, whilst he's on honeymoon in Florida

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Brenda hides behind a magazine