House Renovation Randomness and a Spot of Lightning, Suffolk - 19th June 1994

The ongoing demolition/renovation renovation of the house continues. Rather than do one thing at a time, several fronts are on the go - both upstairs in the main old bedroom and downstairs in the lounge. Meanwhile, there's a quick trip to Framlingham for some reason, then one lunchtime Nosher and Jo from Clay's IT department pop round to Tone's house in Bungay to see his new kittens. Finally, the beloved Mark 1 Astra clocks 100,000 miles on the way to Badminton and there's a particularly active lightning storm rolling in over the side field at Nosher's house.

next album: "Mad" Sue's 50th and the Building of the Stuston Bypass, Stuston, Suffolk - 7th July 1994
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Jo Jennet dangles string for one of Tone's new 'pipe cleaner' kittens

Jo balances a plate of cake as she torments the kittens

Framlingham High Street

Framlingham, near the castle entrance

Framlingham castle exterior walls

The grand house inside Fram castle

View of the castle courtyard from the top of the castle walls

The north corner of the bedroom, prior to (much) demolition

The remains of some very 1980s blue-chequered wallpaper and stripy red curtains

One of the original timbers is exposed, complete with some C19th (?) wallpaper

A big pile of rubble

Uncovering the brick chimney breast (which would never have originally been exposed, but it opens up the room and looks nice)

Uncovering timbers, and the remains of some very 80s wallpaper and curtains

Meanwhile, downstairs, some re-building takes place

The hall end wall gets plastered

99,999 miles on the clock and counting...

The Astra clocks 100,000 miles (it did another 50k before rusting sills claimed it)


More forked lightning

Multiple lightning strike over the side field

Lisa Cracknell and Alfie Elliot

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Jo Jennet dangles string for one of Tone's new 'pipe cleaner' kittens