Jim's Stag Day and a Stripper, Brome Swan, Suffolk - 17th July 1993

It's Jim's Stag Day, so in traditional form, the lads book a stripper who comes down to the pub in the evening to do her thing (which due to paranoia about not being able to get photos of naked ladies printed in the local photo shop was done in Black and White). Before that, there's the other traditional Stag-day activity of stuffing lard into people's mouths. Also in this set are possibly a few photos of the London skyline as taken from St. Ives' (the printing company) flat in central London, where Nosher was staying for a few days, having been dispatched to Deptford to oversee the printing and distribution of some election forms.

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Hamish's Glasgow Dental School posse on the cliffs at Highliffe Castle

Jimmy, Mikey and Wavy dance around

More crazy dancing

Ricey, Jimmy and Tim Amps

Wavy shakes Alan's hand

Alan and Claire

Jim, Andy, Wavy and Ricey at the bar

Lard is applied

Trevor the builder gets some lard

Jim's head is all larded up

Mikey, Wavy, Andy, Jim and Bill

Tim Amps bets a bit too much lard

Tim recovers after having removed the lard

Jim with a stripper

Jim gets the g-string off with his teeth

Jim looks like it's all too much

Jim looks a little worried

Bill, Mikey and Andy look on

The stripper reads some stuff out

Jean and 'Mad' Sue

Sue, David and Linda

Linda Cork and Brenda

A London skyline - Monument is bottom right

Sunset on a London skyline

Monument and central London

A random field somewhere (looks like Up North)

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Hamish's Glasgow Dental School posse on the cliffs at Highliffe Castle