Mel Visits and a bit of Clays, Stuston and Bungay, Suffolk - 19th June 1993

Nosher's newly-discovered half-sister Mel comes down to visit, along with The Old Chap and Sis. The, it's time for a few beers at a pub in or near Bungay with Pete Brewis, Pru Potts, Pete Butcher and Diggers. Finally, there's another session of Petanque around Geoff and Brenda's

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Mel, Sis and The Old Chap in the garden at The Stables

The Old Chap dozes

Mel casts a hairy eyeball

Sis slurps on Fosters

Pru (hiding behind the door) and Pete

Pete Brewis grins

Pete and Mike 'Diggers' Dignen

Pru and the two Petes

'Mad' Sue hurls a boule

Corky lobs, as a storm moves in

Corky shelters under an umbrella

Sue, Brenda and Geoff

Messing around with umbrellas

Sue pretends that Bernie's got balls of steel

Bernie and Jean

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Mel, Sis and The Old Chap in the garden at The Stables