Time for dinner at Kate's

Time for dinner at Kate's

Dave hands Rik some carrots

Kate and Rik have a cheers moment

Riki lies on a rock at Badger's Holt

Riki walks around

Rik sticks his tongue out

We lounge about on some mossy rocks

Rik flings Dave's hoody at him

Dave with his hoody

Rik's found a bit of tree to poke Dave with

Kate stands on a rock in the river

Kate on a rock

A bunch of trees

The sun through beach leaves

Nosher sits on a rock

We find more rocks to sit on

Kate, Dave and Riki near Badger's Holt

Sitting by a river

Kate wags a finger

Dave gets a bit of bacon

Dave reaches over for his glass

The gang after breakfast, before we head off