The Eye Show and a Trip to Halifax, Suffolk and South Yorkshire - 28th August 1992

It's the Eye Show, somewhere in a field in Cranley Green, just outside Eye itself. Then, Nosher's on a Pick database course in someone's house near Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire, with Gaz from work (Clays in Bungay). After the course is over, Nosher does a spot of horse riding at the stables right across the road from the hotel, and then swings by, via Halifax and Holmfirth, to see the Old Man in Macclesfield. Finally, there's the curious incident of the balloon that landed bit vigorously in the field behind Bernie's in Stuston, narrowly missing his chimney. Bernie was even offered a free ride as compensation for the "trauma".

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A Russian Coassack dude rides around standing up on a horse

The Cossacks does something with flags

Three-abreast horses, and some impressive flag carrying

A couple of 'monster trucks' eat an old Fiesta

A stationary engine

The Royal Signals motorbike team and a 'flaming ring of death'

Royal Signals motorbikes

Motorobike stunts

Formation motorobike riding

Some Yorkshire heather

A Halifax farm cat

A view over Halifax

The Old Man roams around his garden

Brandy pokes around on the drive


The OldMan gives Brandy a pat on the head

Dad looks over

A balloon lands in the field behind Bernie in Stuston

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A Russian Coassack dude rides around standing up on a horse