Bale collecting

Bale collecting

Rachel drives around

Sarah on top of the pile of bales

Sarah climbs to the top of the stack

The first bale is chucked down from the trailer

Sarah throws a bale down

Rachel chucks bales around in the shed

Sue and Mike stack bales

Rachel and Sarah consider the trailer

The second layer of bales on the trailer

Rachel hauls a bale up

Sarah and Rachel

Nosher drives the tractor around the field

Rachel pauses

Another bale is hauled up

Nosher pitches a bale up to Sarah

Considering the next bale

Rachel half-climbs up to shift a bale

Nosher lifts a bale on a pitchfork

It's another trip to the top of the stack

The bales are all stacked away

The Ogilsby farmhouse

A chicken roams around