A Trip Round The World's First "Chicken Shit" Power Station, Eye - 11th July 1992

The world's first-ever 'chicken-shit' power station opens in Eye - just up the road from Nosher's gaff. Upon commissioning, the operating company throw open the doors for local residents to come and poke around for a few hours and scope out the operation. A gang from the pub decide to go and have a look-see - after all, it's something to do, and there was the worry that the smoke might be a nuisance (the chimney was subsequently extended so that the smoke would blow further away).

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The pub gang mills around in the chicken-shit storage shed

The chicken shit stores

The tour guide reads something out

Claire looks up at the heat exchangers (radiators)

Roaming around a network of shiny steel pipes

More pipework

The end result: a 12.7MW generator, enough to power around 600 homes

The power station control room

John Lummis, John Willy, Helen and Claire

An outside view of the power station

Walking back to the car park

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The pub gang mills around in the chicken-shit storage shed