New Year's Eve at the Brome Swan, Suffolk - 31st December 1991

It's New Year's Eve, so it's time to go up to the local for a bit of a thrash. Colin even gets his nipples out...

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Spammy and John Willy

Alan gives it a bit of a look

John Willy (left) plays air guitar

Colin, Jill and their chum Martin

John Willy gives the V sign as Barry and Davina look on

Alan and his mother, Nana

Colin shows of his biceps

Colin covers up his modesty with a couple of Guinness bar mats

Sylvia gives it some with the rubber gloves

Helen and Spammy

Sylvie takes on more washing up

Claire carries off a box of 'Bacon Wheatybangs' for a late-night snack

Sylvia, Claire and Alan

Helen, Claire, Lorraine and Sally do a bit of teenage dancing

The darts team captain, and Claire

Spam, Barry, John Willy and Davina

Auld Lang Syne breaks out in the pub

Sylvia, Claire and Nana

Roger and Pippa, who's covered in silly string

Arline looks around in a post-party-popper warzone

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Spammy and John Willy