Christmas in Devon and Stuston - 25th December 1991

It's a Christmas down at The Chapel in Devon, preceeded by a toga party around Geoff and Brenda's and some pre-Christmas nibbles around Kipper Chapman's up the road in Stuston

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A big pile of food - just right for a Roman toga party

Bedsheet toga

Sue looks suprised to be caught out doing a wardrobe adjustment

Sue gets more toga adjustment

Linda smiles

Kipper's new puppy chews up a blanket

Geoff gets a go of the new puppy

Milling around in Kipper's kitchen

Linda looks over as Corky, Keith and Monique discuss stuff

Sheila's pile of food

Grandmother appears to choke on the chocolate fondue

Mother and Grandmother

Mike pours some Champagne

Mother inspects a present

Mike carves up some meat

Mother is surrounded by a whole pile of presents

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A big pile of food - just right for a Roman toga party