A Frosty Morning, Suffolk and Norfolk - 15th December 1991

A bit of scenery courtesy of a very frosty morning. Nosher's still in the phase of "passed test, got car, drive everywhere at the drop of a hat", so that's what happens. There are also a couple of pics from the Pulham Players' Christmas Pantomime, held at the village hall in Pulham St. Mary

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Down the back of Geoff and Brenda's garden

Looking back towards The Stables from beyond the 'allotments'

The Stables Gate, and Old Man Cunningham's house, left, in Stuston

An old woman feeds the ducks down at Diss Mere

Frost trees around Diss Mere

Down by the Waveney, near Needham

Hoar frost on a tree

A frost field in Stuston

Low sun through some frosty trees somewhere

A lane somewhere

Looking the other way down a frosty lane

The River Waveney at Needham

It's almost like snow

The Pulham Players' pantomime

The Pulham Players wave

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Down the back of Geoff and Brenda's garden